Course Details

Click here for a Course Map for Ages 7-10 and 11-15 year olds. NOTE, the run course has changed this year. Please follow this link for the new RUN course.

Click here for a Course Map for the 5-6 year olds. NOTE, the run course has changed this year. Please follow this link for the new RUN course.

The race location is at Bishop Park in Bryant. The start and finish will be at Bishop Park on Boone Road.

The USA Triathlon "age up" rule requires that athletes participate in the age group corresponding to their age on 12/31 of the year of the event.

Your child will wear a ChampionChip timing device on their ankle. Please be sure it is returned when your child finishes the race or the company will charge you a fee.

Parents can watch the swim from the roped of areas around the pool area and then exit the building from the locker room area entrance. Please do not attempt to enter the pool area from the transition area or go behind the roped off section.
Signs will direct spectators.

The kids ages 5-10 will be directed to the Aquatic Center at 7:40AM to begin lining up for the pool start.

The athletes will be lined up by their race number with the 5 & 6 year old kids going first.


The 5 & 6 year olds with swim one length of the pool (25 yards).
The 7-10 year olds will swim 1 lap in the pool (50 yards).
The 11-15 year olds will swim 2 laps (100 yards).

* There will be about a 3 minute pause between each of the 7-10 year old waves and there will be about a 4 minute pause between each of the 11-15 year old waves.

* There will be a 10 minute break after the last group of 10 year olds starts in order to give the younger athletes time to clear the transition area before the older athletes begin.


* Each racer must provide an approved ANSI helmet. The helmet must be fastened before mounting the bike and should not be unfastened until dismounting the bike . (We do not want to stop anyone from participating, but athletes without helmets will not be allowed to compete)

Athletes ages 5 & 6 will ride 1/4 mile.
Athletes ages 7 - 10 will ride one lap (2 miles).
Athletes ages 11-15 will ride 2 laps (4 miles).

The bike course will leave bishop park, travel east on Boone road to Woodland Park Rd, to 4th St and the turn around on 4th St.

The entire bike course will be closed to all traffic and monitored by police and volunteers.


The entire run course will be within Bishop Park.

Athletes ages 5 & 6 will run 1/4 mile.
Athletes ages 7 - 10 will run 1/2 mile.
Athletes ages 11-15 will run 1 mile.


Important Notes !

Every child receives a custom medal when they cross the finish line.

The use of assistive devices including flotation devices and training wheels will not be allowed during the triathlon, except for the 5 & 6 year olds.

** Bathrooms are available in the Aquatics Center and inside Bishop Park.

Thank you for participating in the Bryant Kids' Triathlon! We are so happy to have you here and want to be certain that we create an environment that is fun and safe.







** Benefitting the Bryant Boys & Girls Club and Central Arkansas Swim Club **